At last, a business book that teaches you how to grow a business, and does so while you are buried in the pages of a ripping yarn.

 The $600 Million Latte

The $600 Million Latte tells how author Neil Flett helped out a small business in Barbados by awarding the owner a certificate, never realizing that his kindness would be the beginning of  a $600 million dollar industry- devoted to helping  people grow their businesses with the smallest of budgets.

  • You’ll learn while you laugh.
  • You’ll wonder if you could do it yourself.
  • Fact blends with fiction, but it doesn’t matter.
  • Real life heroes mix with figures created to make the story work.
  • It’s outrageous, but is it true?
  • Was it done and could it be done?

Neil Flett shares with you his enormous experience in journalism, public relations and promotion and management training – and this is one business book that you’ll actually enjoy reading!

Business learning is serious, so Neil has made it fun!


Copies of The $600 Million Latte will be available shortly.